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          Your time is precious and you do not want to waste it. We provide the BEST route descriptions you will find anywhere. We continually add new routes and update previous adventures. Our team of outdoor experts consists of the most skilled and knowledgeable enthusiasts in the country. Many of these routes have never been published before, or were first published here. All route descriptions include important information, detailed route guide, trailhead driving instructions, map, pictures and GPS coordinates.

          For one low price of $39.95 you will have access to the "Circle of Friends" for one year. We accept PayPal, money orders and good checks, PayPal is preferred. Make checks and money orders payable to "Shane Burrows". PayPal allows you to make a secure payment online with a credit card and receive your password via e-mail. Passwords are usually e-mailed out within 24 hours of receiving your payment, except weekends which could take a little longer. Please include your e-mail address with all correspondence.

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Expanded Sales Pitch:
          Why are we doing this you ask? Because we are tired of financing the entire cost of the Climb Utah website out of our own pockets. This website is a hobby that has grown to the point where it costs real money to support and maintain. All money received from this project is used to expand and improve the Climb Utah website. A membership is as cheap as most guidebooks and the information on this website is better, up to date, and comes with a good map, pictures, route description and GPS coordinates.

 and the Circle of Friends program has been providing you with the finest route descriptions since 1998. Thank you for your participation. Your help will allow Climb Utah to become bigger and better.

Membership Renewal:
If you are renewing a current or past Climb-Utah Circle of Friends membership please visit our Renewal Page for a discounted renewal rate.

Climb-Utah Reviews:
          Still not sure if a Circle of Friends membership is right for you? Please read some of our reviews.

Rock Gremlin says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
I'm now the most popular kid in school. Thanks Climb Utah!

Lady Hiker says... ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
Nothing more sexy then a man using Climb-Utah beta.

Jim Stiles says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
My last girlfriend was stolen by a man who had a Circle of Friends membership.

Crappy Briggs says... ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
Typically I get laughed at because I'm a midget. When I'm using beta from Climb-Utah I automatically add 5 inches to my height!

Mrs. Ice says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
Excellent beta for roaming out in the dessert. Gets you great reception for your cell phone as well.

AvgJoe says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
Five stars for shizzle. I went from nerdy internet boy, to ladies man overnight. Thanks Climb-Utah.

Rich Carlson says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
If god used a canyon guide, this would be the one.

Price says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
I have to carry a stick with me now to swat away all the women. I love this website.

Jared Fogle says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
I told the world that I lost 245lbs from my subway diet, when really it was hiking Climb-Utah routes all along! suckers

nukegoat says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
Its painful how sexy I am when using Climb-Utah.

Andrew says...
ReviewRating5.gif (400 bytes)
No words can describe how amazing is, so I won't say anything more. Nothing.

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