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Climbing Mount Olympus in Winter

Mount Olympus
Wasatch Mountains
Hiking & Mountaineering

          Mount Olympus dominates the Salt Lake City skyline and is one of the most popular hikes in the valley.  The summit view is one of the most spectacular and rewarding to be found.

          The 9026' south summit of Mount Olympus is a fun and challenging hike in summer, but the hike is even better and more spectacular in winter.

General Information:
          This 6.4 mile round trip summit hike into the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area will require about 7 hours round trip.  The route is easy to navigate.  I do this hike every year in February or March to get ready for the spring mountaineering season.  If you attempt this summit in winter I suggest you bring good waterproof boots, gaiters and ski or trekking poles.

          The snow will be approximately 10 to 15 feet deep on the summit in late winter.  I have never required snowshoes to summit since the trail is usually well traveled and packed.   If you want to snowshoe there are much better adventures to be found.   Avalanche danger is minimal on this climb but as always, precautions should be taken.

          The summit ridge can be heavily corniced and very dangerous in winter.  Approach the summit ridge with extreme caution.

Scrambling to the summit Click Here for Map Approching the summit ridge

Trailhead Information:
          The trailhead is located east of Salt Lake City on Wasatch Boulevard.  If you are traveling north on I-215 take the 3900 South exit to Wasatch Boulevard, then turn south and drive for 2.3 miles.  If you are driving south on I-215 take the 4500 South exit to Wasatch Boulevard, than continue south for 1.6 miles.

          There is a paved parking lot on the east side of  Wasatch Boulevard which is signed "Mt. Olympus Trailhead".  This parking lot is also referred to as "Pete's Rock" in the local climbing community.

Shane Burrows & Greg Frei on the Summit Let's go home

Mount Olympus:
Length: 3 3/4 miles - One Way.
Time: 3 hours - One Way.
Trailhead: 4,925'
Summit: 9,026'
Skill Rating: Moderate
Summer Equipment: None
Winter Equipment: Waterproof Boots, Gaiters and Ski Poles.
Water: 3 liters per person.
Difficulties: Minor Scrambling
Circle Trip: No
Warnings: Minor Exposure & Winter Avalanche Danger.

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