Stormy and the Allosaurus Tracks

Copper Ridge Sauropod
Dinosaur Trackway
Moab, Utah

        The Copper Ridge Sauropod Track site contains fossil tracks of a turning brontosaur and four carnivores of various sizes.  The trackway was discovered in 1989.  The tracks are from the Jurassic period.

          The brontosaur tracks show a pronounced turn to the right.  This change of direction is very unusual in fossil trackways.  It is unknown which species of brontosaur made these tracks.  The most likely candidates are Camarasaurus, Apatosaurus or Diplodocus.

          The three-toed tracks range in length from eight to fifteen inches.  The large tracks probably belong to an Allosaurus, which was the most common carnivore during the period in which this trackway was formed.  It is interesting to note that the trackway to the southeast shows an alternation of long steps (approximately 5 feet) and short steps (approximately 4 feet).  This irregular stride has never been explained.  It has been suggested that the dinosaur was hurt and limping slightly.  The smaller three-toed tracks, which are hard to see, could have been made by a number of smaller bipedal species.

          Fossil footprints are a rare, non-renewable resource.  This trackway is rare for its abundance of varying tracks.  Please help preserve and protect them.

Dino Trackway Site Map

Trackway Location:
Click Here for Map          If arriving from the North (Green River), the turn-off to the dinosaur tracks is 8.5 miles south of the junction of I-70 and State Road 191 (Crescent Junction).  Follow State Road 191 south and turn east at mile post 148.7

          If arriving from the South (Moab), the turn-off is 23 miles north of Moab on State Road 191.  Turn east at mile post 148.7.

          The turn-off to the Dinosaur tracks is on the east side of State Road 191.  Cross the railroad tracks and follow the signs 2 miles down a dirt road to a parking area.  The tracks are 100 yards up the hill to the east.  The dirt road is suitable for passenger cars.   Avoid this road when it is wet.

Stormy and a Dino Track

Dinosaur Hunting License:
          Because you are good parents and I would hate to see your children out hunting dinosaurs illegally I have provided you with a method to download your dinosaur hunting license.  Please download and fill out the license and carry it with you at all times while hunting dinosaurs.

GPS Coordinates:
Where is the trackway?

Latitude            Longitude
N38 49' 54"     W109 45' 43"

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