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Canyoneering & Mountaineering

          Utah is an outdoor paradise. From any place in the state, there are outdoor adventures within 15 minutes. This guide is intended to help you locate and safely complete some of our favorite adventures. We strongly suggest that you read the sections on "Warning", "Ratings" and "Ethics" at least one time.

          The section titled "Feedback" is provided to allow you to send email to us. We enjoy hearing from other adventurers with the same interest. We also want to know if you find anything confusing or incorrect in this guide. If you find this guide useful, entertaining or a complete waste of time, drop us a note.

          Repeat visitors to this guide will find the section titled "Updates" of great value. This section lists all new additions to this guide by the date they were included. This should allow regular users of this guide to easily locate recent improvements and additions to the website.

          We have tried to include something for everyone. Families, children and seniors will enjoy the adventures listed under "Family Fun". Adventure readers should really enjoy the stories listed under "Favorite Adventure Tales". Most adults and teens will enjoy the adventures listed under "Weekend Warrior" and for the experienced adventurer there are two sections "Hardcore" and "Technical". We have tried to include enough information to describe the length of time, trailhead, route and difficulty involved. To preserve the challenge and adventure, less detail is provided on the harder routes, which should only be attempted by experienced adventurers.

          The "Circle of Friends" Program is designed to provide increased benefits to anyone contributing to the cost of maintaining this website. There is little to no advertising on this website. Donations and our empty wallets are the two sources of revenue used to maintain and improve this site. If you find the site beneficial please consider joining the Circle of Friends program.

Maps and Coordinates:
          Most adventures on this website contain detailed maps and waypoints to ensure that you are on the correct route. All measurements are made using the Imperial System (miles, yards and feet). This website takes advantage of the Global Positioning System (GPS). This website uses the WGS84 datum for all maps and GPS waypoints. Always check your GPS to ensure that WGS84 is the datum before entering a waypoint into your unit.

Bogley Outdoor Forum:
          Climb-Utah is proud to sponsor Bogley.com, the finest outdoor forum on the web. We promise to make the forum a fun and friendly place where everyone is welcome to hang-out. The forum is FREE to join and open to all hikers, mountaineers, technical canyoneers and slot canyon enthusiasts. You will discover the forum is a great place to find partners, meet new friends and enjoy the latest outdoor news and gossip.

Subway - Zion National Park - Click to Visit Canyoneering:
          The increasingly popular sport of "Canyoneering" is well represented in this guide. Canyoneering is a term used to describe an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, boulder hopping, rock climbing and rappelling. Most people extend the definition to describe hiking in a canyon, even if the canyon is flat and dry and does not require any special technical skills. Canyoneering is referred to as Canyoning virtually everywhere in the world, except in the United States.

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