Faux Falls

Faux Falls

Waterfall and Swimming Hole

          Faux Falls is a gorgeous desert waterfall located near Moab. The waterfall is real, but some accuse it of being fake, which is where the name originates. The controversy arises because Faux Falls are man made. The water is diverted from Mill Creek through a diversion tunnel under Brimley Ridge. The water then flows over Faux Falls to where it is stored in Ken's Lake. The water storage project was first conceived soon after settlers entered the Moab area, but the project was not completed until 1981.

General Information:
Click Here for Topographic Map           Faux Falls is a very short hike to a beautiful desert waterfall. The route can be enjoyed by any adult or child. No special gear is required. Most groups will want to bring clothing suitable for swimming to maximize the fun. The swimming hole at the base of the waterfall is approximately three to four feet deep. The waterfall is very photogenic.

          The hike involves walking approximately 200-yards each way. Total time required form trailhead to trailhead can range anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Faux Falls is rated 1C I using the Canyon Rating System.

          A GPS is extremely over-kill, but I've included the usual map and waypoints for the navigationally challenged. No map reading skills what-so-ever are required. The USGS 7.5' Map titled "Kane Springs" shows the area. All waypoints and maps for Mill Creek use the WGS84 datum.

Faux Falls Faux Falls

Trailhead Information:
          From the center of Moab head south out of town on U.S. Highway 191 for approximately 7 1/2 miles to mile marker 117.9 (N38 29' 13", W109 27' 46"). Turn east (left) on the signed Kens Lake Road. Follow the road east for 0.5 miles to a tee. Turn south (right) on the LaSal Mountain Loop Road. Follow the road south for 0.6 miles to a fork (N38 28' 45", W109 26' 54"), take the east (left) fork. Follow the road east for 0.8 miles to the signed Kens Lake Road (N38 28' 17", W109 26' 12") on the east (left) side of the highway.

          Turn east on the Kens Lake Road and follow it for 0.5 miles to a junction (N38 28' 36", W109 25' 20"), The paved Kens Lake Road turns north (left), the Flat Pass Road turns to dirt and veers east (right). Follow the Flat Pass Road to the east. Follow the dirt road for 0.1 miles to an unsigned spur road (N38 28' 36", W109 25' 10") heading north (left). Follow the unsigned spur road for 0.5 miles to the Faux Falls Trailhead.

          The trailhead has parking for several vehicles and contains an information kiosk. The last 1/2 mile of dirt road before the trailhead can become rough at times and some might want to park and walk it. I have seen many passenger vehicles at the trailhead but I would not want to drive my shiny new Corvette to the actual trailhead. Rental cars should have no problem reaching this trailhead in normal weather conditions.

Upper Falls River above the falls

Route Information:
From the Faux Falls Trailhead (N38 28' 49", W109 24' 46"), the falls are clearly visible to the east. Just follow the trail 200-yards east to the base of Faux Falls (N38 28' 52", W109 24' 42"). You can enjoy the swimming hole at the base of the falls, hike downstream to Ken's Lake or follow the stream up to the diversion tunnel exiting Brimley Ridge.

          Camping is available at Ken's Lake near the trailhead. The campground accommodates large motorhomes. Hiking and horseback trails originate at the campground. Fishing in the reservoir is a popular activity. Boating on the reservoir is limited to non-motorized craft. Campgrounds have picnic tables, vault toilets, grills, graveled roads, and trash receptacles. There is no drinking water at the campground. Campsites are available on a first-come, first served basis. Camping at all sites is limited to 14 days within a 30 day period.

Faux Falls Faux Falls

          Enjoy a short video of Faux Falls. Video courtesy of Dan Burt.


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