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Angels Landing

Angels Landing
Zion National Park

          Angels Landing is one of the most popular hikes in Zion National Park. The view from the top is outstanding. Intermediate and experienced hikers will find this route and enjoyable stroll. Novice hikers will find the route fun but intimidating.

          Angels Landing received its name in 1916 when a group passing through the canyon commented that only an angel could land on top of it. The trail to the summit of Angels Landing was constructed in 1926 and includes a remarkable series of 21 short switchbacks called ''Walters Wiggles".

General Information:
Click Here for Google Earth KMZ file.          Click Here for MapAngels Landing is a thrilling hike that contains no obstacles. The route is 2 1/4 miles from trailhead to summit and will require 2 to 3 hours for a round trip. This hike can be very hot during midday. Every member of your party should carry a minimum of one liter of water.

            The route to Angels Landing involves travel along a steep, narrow ridge with major cliffs. Support chains are anchored intermittently along the last 1/2 mile of the route for safety. Do not hike this route if it is wet, icy or thunderstorms are in the area. This is not a trail suitable for young children. Older children must be closely supervised. Anyone lacking commonsense should avoid this hike.

Navigation for this route is easy. A GPS is a waste of time, but I have included the waypoints because I'm a nice guy. Good map reading skills are wasted on this hike, you will be following a paved and signed trail. "Temple of Sinawava" is the USGS 7.5 minute topographical map that shows Angels Landing. All waypoints and maps for this route use the WGS84 datum.

Walter's Wiggles Angels Landing from Scout Lookout.

Trailhead Information:
          From the main Zion Canyon Visitor's Center take the Zion Canyon Shuttle to the Grotto Picnic Area located in Zion Canyon. This trailhead is also the start of the very popular West Rim Trail.

Route Information:
          From the Grotto Picnic Area (N37 15' 34", W112 57' 02") follow the footbridge east across the Virgin River. On the east side of the bridge the trail tee's. The south (left) trail leads to the Emerald Pools. Take the north (right) trail signed West Rim and Angels Landing. Follow the paved West Rim Trail towards Angels Landing. The route snakes up Refrigerator Canyon and climbs the famous Walter's Wiggles to Scouts Lookout (N37 16' 30", W112 57' 01"). The trail divides here with the the north (left) fork leading to the West Rim and the south (right) fork leading to Angel's Landing (N37 16' 09", W112 56' 52").

          There is a restroom located at Scouts Lookout. The last 1/2 mile of the Angels Landing Tail follows a narrow ridge for 1/2 mile. The trail looks much more intimidating than it actually is. The ridge is not that difficult and there are chains to use as handrail where required.

Angel's Landing - Zion National Park

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